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Mat.Joe began as a project between Matthias and Johannes, two young men based in Berlin with a deep connection to music. Back in 2006, Rap, Breakdance and Skateboarding were the passions that kickstarted their friendship and this deep connection is reflected in their music. In 2008, they formed the producer team Twomanics and concentrated on authentic and credible hip hop productions for independent artists.

As of 2024, Matthias takes on his music career as an individual, carrying the legacy that Mat.Joe has built over the last decade. Over the years, Mat.Joe has developed their trademark sound of house beats paired with rhythmic soul and hip-hop elements. The result is deep and dancefloor-qualified, warm and rough. Inspiration is found everywhere between subway rides, late night showers and favorite bars - and new ideas are always on the way, evolving with the always-changing culture of dance music and growing with the artist.

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